Friday, December 18, 2020

 WW3 & the Police State
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Bill Weather
On 1/12/14, I drempt I was travelling thru America. I was on the run because just about everyone had become drugged and brainwashed and people were being arrested for resisting this brainwashed/drugged state that was going on. The scene switched and I was inside a house and was trying to pretend I was a part of this brainwashed/ drugged state so I wouldn't be noticed. Thru the windows of the house, I was watching people all over the streets walking around in this brainwashed state. In this dream, there was also something that was going on about the confiscation of people's gold.

Then the scene switched again and I was driving a vehicle and some people were after me and it was a car chase, but then, I crashed my vehicle trying to escape those who were brainwashed. This car scene was in a rural farm land area and after getting out of the crashed vehicle, my pursuers who seemed to be ordinary citizens and not police, were chasing me on foot. I was juking them with some nifty moves and we all wound up on a small farm.

Then I saw a bear and a dog and I was running from them. I heard the growl of the bear from behind me and then heard the dog growling as in capturing, pulling and tearing into a prey. I looked back and a friend was being torn into by the dog. The dog had his leg and was pulling and tearing into my friend's leg. Then seconds later he got freed from the dog, as he had one of his children in his arms with the other little one near by watching what we were seeing.
When he got freed of the grip of the dog's mouth tearing into his leg, he was limping really badly because the dog had tore into his leg pretty thoroughly. The bear and dog had left, but my friend was then limping very badly to a resting spot, with his child in his arm. I and his other child together were joining him to see how bad the damage was.


With the great troubles soon to come, America is going to become a more severe police state and many of the people are going to become brainwashed by this and begin to persecute one another. This was the chaos I was seeing all around me. It is interesting to note that God sees the police state as a drugged brainwashing of the populace.

There was something about the confiscation of gold in the dream, which was the seizing of assets because of the terrible times that had hit the nation and because of the orders of those in power who were loosing control. The brainwashed people of the police state were seizing assets, not necessarily focused on gold itself and I'm not sure how this is going to manifest itself in the future, but this speaks of the severe economic collapse to come.

Running from the police state was difficult, as the chase in the dream testified, because so many people were drug like brainwashed into partaking in it. Many Americans are already prepared and seduced for this to happen and they don't even know it because they buy into what their TV tells them thru the controlled, socially engineered news streams and because of their strongly bonded attachment to this life.

The car chase wound us up in rural farm land and this is a warning to those in rural areas, that even there, the police state will extend itself and you'll not know who you can trust in such a trying time to come.

The bear and the dog represent WW3 to come, after the police state. The bear is Russia and the dog is China. This coincides with the prophet Jonah Ben Noah's physically manifested vision, Russia being the bear and China being the dog or wolf..... right now, this second, as I type, it is 1:58AM and I am suddenly interrupted by the hearing of a bunch of dogs or a wolf pack loudly howling near by in the woods, as a physically manifested sign and testimony of this. WoW! What timing!

The dog was black in color, as the darkness of persecution will cover this land. The dog tearing into my friend's leg is representive of what Russia and China are going to do to this nation. China and Russia are going to tear into this nation, like the dog tearing into my friend's leg, immobilizing the nation. WW3 will severely cripple this nation and she will be greatly wounded.

Father Yah! Help us your children to know what to do and to be in the right place at the right time for what's to come. We know ultimately, no matter what happens, soon after these events, Jesus comes to make all things new and to raise us to glory. Help all those who are yours to discern the times and to prepare. Help us to help one another make it thru the trying times to come. Let your ever enduring love and strength in us, compel us to lay down our lives for one another, especially when the need is the greatest. Help us to stay focused on your peace in the midst of the storm and to know beyond any wind, wave or shaking to come, that our names are written and the glory to come is ours as we endure in faith to the end. Let us know and see, that without you we can do nothing that would last into the resurrection and that our dreams of a distant future in this life are but a vain thing, because you are coming to make all things new. Thankyou Father Yah for the strong meat of your word. It is not so pleasant, but it is needful for the body and to get us refocused and stirred up to see, you kingdom is coming and not to be caught up in the fools economy of prosperity which is coming to an end soon, for our riches lie with you and not with what we have here on earth. Bless all those who believe and stir them with this word to prepare for what's to come. Prosper them in the work of their hands, to have in the time of the greatest need to come. Amen

In Christ, Weather